5 Holiday Party Don’ts

‘Tis the season for holiday parties! Whether yours is an intimate affair for a small group of people or a larger soiree, be aware of these five party don’ts.

Don’t Serve Trendy Drinks

If you’re serving alcohol at the holiday party and aren’t sure about your guests’ individual tastes, steer clear of those trendy signature drinks. Instead, serve something more classic, like a nice variety of wines and craft beers. Top off the evening by serving quality scotch and/or whiskey for your guests with more developed palates.

Don’t Overdo the Red & Green

Don’t use red and green as your main color theme when decorating. If you want a traditional holiday look, opt for a neutral color as your base and then add in pops of one or two colors. It will make a bigger impact on the whole.

Don’t Forget to Add Music

Music is a must for any party! No one wants to hear crickets (i.e., the sound of silence) during a “festive” party. At a minimum, pipe in some holiday tunes or other music of your preference, being careful to adjust the sound so it doesn’t overwhelm conversations.

If your budget allows, splurge on hiring live musicians or an entertaining DJ. Doing so can go a long way toward putting guests in the holiday mood and giving the party a more fun and lively vibe.

Don’t Forget to Plan for Flow

You know how everyone ends up in the kitchen at home? Set the room so it feels like a party in the kitchen, and make it easy for guests to mix and mingle.

Use various table sizes and styles to bring people together. Highboys are great when serving drinks and light appetizers, while pub-style tables work well for those who like to sit with their drinks. Traditional round and/or rectangular dining tables with chairs are ideal when serving a meal. Make sure there’s plenty of space for traffic flow in and around the room.

Don’t Overspend on Table Décor

Just because a centerpiece is expensive doesn’t mean it’s beautiful. This is not where you want to spend your budget! And you certainly don’t want to splurge on expensive centerpieces for every table. Instead, focus on creating a comfortable experience for your guests, making sure they can see each other across the table.

If you feel the need for a statement centerpiece, spend the money on a signature floral design that you can use on the buffet table or welcome table. It will definitely be noticed!

Need Help With Party Planning?

Douglas County Libraries’ experienced Event & Hospitality Services staff can introduce you to the library’s meeting and event spaces and services, and will work with you to accommodate the style, size and complexity of your event.

For more information about DCL’s meeting and event spaces and services, visit DCL.org/event-services or call (303) 688-7605.

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