7 Ways to Grow Your Client List

You’ve built your small business, so customers should be rolling in, right? If only it were that easy!

A little creativity mixed with tried-and-true methods of promoting your business can help. Here are seven ideas to help expand your client list.

Investigate your target market

It isn’t exactly stalkingbut you should learn all you can about your ideal customer. You can use DCL business databases that provide information on demographics and psychographics for consumers and industry information for business customers. Additional sources of information include government resources, trade associations, and general news sources.


Demonstrate your passion, whether it’s personal or professional, by donating your time and expertise in support of other organizations and causes. This tactic not only demonstrates what you care about, but also has the added benefit of broadening your network.

Be a thought leader

No one knows your industry like you do! Share those insights with others through conference presentations, trainings, podcasts, essays, or any social media outlets. Your unique perspectives demonstrate your expertise and establish you as a leading voice in your field. An added plus: All that publishing helps your SEO!

Ask for that email

Once you’ve created all that great content that people are clamoring for, you can build your contact list by asking for a private email in exchange for your expert insights. This provides a direct way to communicate with people who are already interested in your business.

Analyze your results

Don’t forget to keep track of which tactics are the most effective. Without some analysis of all of your efforts and channels, it can be hard to measure what is working and what isn’t. It only makes sense to ditch the campaigns and messages that don’t resonate with your target market, and analyzing results is the way you can track your endeavors.

Look for partners

Find companies that meet different needs for similar target markets and work together. This cross-promotion opens you up to new audiences and clients, and shows your innovation and flexibility.

Invest in your employees

From recruiting and training to work-life balance and compensation, doing the best you can for your employees means they will do their best for you. They are the first and best ambassadors for your company, so finding the best fit and then supporting them throughout their tenure can really impact your ability to gain market share.

Douglas County Libraries offers meeting and event spaces and services appropriate for all of your small-business needs, from business training, meetings and presentations to your company’s social events. Our experienced Event & Hospitality Services staff will work with you to accommodate the style, size and complexity of your event.

For more information about the library’s meeting and event spaces and services, visit DCL.org/event-services or call (303) 688-7605.

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