Call for Election Materials

Douglas County Libraries Archives & Local History needs your election materials!

ALH collects and preserves materials relating to Douglas County’s history, and right now we’re looking for items about local elections and political campaigns to help future researchers understand our current political climate. Instead of recycling your election materials, why not send them to ALH?

Donating to ALH is easy! Contact us to set up a drop-off time and fill out a Deed of Gift, and then you’re all set.

Desired materials include:

1. Mailers – postcards, letters, infographics, brochures

2. Small artifacts – pins, buttons, lanyards, flags, stickers (unused)

3. Organizational records – Are you part of a political group? Do you have meeting agendas, correspondence, or other administrative documents?

4. Posters, signage (legal size or smaller preferred)

5. Materials on any issue, candidate or affiliation!

Items don’t have to be related to the 2020 election, but they should adhere to the following:

1. Legal size or smaller – We aren’t looking for yard signs or large banners at this time.

2. Clean and dry – We cannot accept wet or mold-affected material.

If you have any questions or wish to set up a donation, contact us at: or (303) 688-7730

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