A Thanksgiving Day Menu From Douglas County

The cookbook collection in the Archives & Local History (ALH) vault is a great place to search for a Thanksgiving menu steeped in Douglas County history.

Compilations of recipes in the ALH collection come from many sources: families, individuals, churches, parent-teacher organizations, restaurants, and schools. One book, “Behind the Badge,” was published by the Douglas County Sheriff’s office and features the recipes of law enforcement officers, firefighters, and their friends.

To start your Thanksgiving dinner, consider the recipe for “Stuffed Mushroom Delights,” contributed by Loretta Bierschenk, secretary of patrol for the sheriff’s department at the time.1 And even though it’s not traditional, a recipe for olive tarts found in “Recipes by Parker Newcomers Club” sounds tempting.2

For the dinner’s centerpiece, cook up a fabulous turkey using the instructions from the National Turkey Federation found in the pages of the cookbook “Favorite Recipes from the Golden Dobbin.”3 The McConnells opened the Golden Dobbin restaurant in 1964 at 519 Wilcox Street in Castle Rock. They published multiple editions of the cookbook containing their most popular recipes starting in 1965. Instead of dressing, consider Dobbin’s Tomato Pudding, a recipe added to the cookbook’s fourth edition by popular demand.4

Thousands of options exist for side dishes inside the pages of the cookbooks in our collection. Consider baking corn bread from “Naturally.” The recipes there were compiled by Karen Becker and Ferne Adams of Jarre Canyon in the 1960s for the family “tired of opening boxes and cans of over-processed, chemical, artificial and additive laden foods.”5Tried N True” features recipes from Douglas County 4-H members. Corey Crispe’s take on cranberry salad features cherry Jell-O, celery, pecans, and cranberries.6 Instead of green bean casserole, consider the recipe for green beans Napoli from “The Clarke Family Cookbook,” published for a family reunion in 1991.7

A Thanksgiving meal is not complete without dessert. The Golden Dobbin Special Dessert includes a “butter fluff” layer topped with chocolate, bananas, and cherries.8 A recipe for raw apple cake contributed by Phyllis Davis to the Hilltop Community Church Cookbook sounds like a perfect fall treat.9

Let us know if you try any of these recipes with success, or even if you fall short. We hope you have fun trying. To discover more about this topic or items in the archives, please check out the Archives & Local History digital collections or contact archives staff.


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